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Since 2015, Hutch Energy, LLC has taken pride in our role as a premier LED lighting supplier in Upper Michigan and Southeastern Wisconsin. We’ve been offering interior and exterior LED lights and LED light controls to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients since before LED lighting entered the mainstream. From then on, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, helping them to save energy and money by switching to LED lighting technologies. As a BBB-accredited business, we give all of our clients personal service matched with great pricing on products and installation.

Focus on Energy® Trade Ally

Focus on Energy® is a statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource initiative in Wisconsin. As an initiative, it aims to empower individuals and businesses in Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with lasting economic benefits. Since 2001, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resource program has stayed true to that mission statement.

As a Focus on Energy® trade ally, we offer you the following services:

Exterior Pole Light LED in Southeastern Wisconsin

Exterior Lighting Optimization

Exterior Lighting Optimization (ELO) provides you with cost-effective exterior commercial or industrial LED lights for parking lots, fuel pump canopies, or wall-mounted fixtures. Simply put, you cover the material cost while we work closely with Focus on Energy® to provide incentives to cover the cost of installing the new lighting system, including labor and lift truck rental.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Hutch Energy specializes in energy-efficient lighting solutions tailored to a wide variety of applications. If you are a commercial business owner, keep both your property and your employees safe with warehouse lighting, office lighting, and exterior lighting that is both reliable and energy-saving. We provide solutions for homeowners too, from exterior lighting to interior and exterior LED lamps and fixtures. We also offer interior and exterior lighting controls as well as delamping so you can ensure that key areas are lit properly and other areas are not over-lit, which would risk wasting energy, resources, or money. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best energy-efficient lighting options out there, as we are a Focus on Energy® trade ally!

  • Warehouse lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Focus on Energy trade ally
  • Exterior and interior lighting controls
  • Delamping
  • Interior and exterior LED lamps and fixtures

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For commercial LED lighting, call 262-408-7586. Hutch Energy, LLC supplies interior and exterior LED lights and LED light control systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients in Southeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We take pride in being a Focus on Energy® trade ally that promotes cost-effective solutions that save you energy and money.