Dependable LED Products in Southeastern Wisconsin

LED Products in Upper Michigan

Advocacy: Energy-Cost Efficiency

Hutch Energy, LLC takes pride in having been a Focus on Energy® trade ally since 2015. We advocate for the usage of LED products, which are energy cost-effective solutions that will save you both energy and money. As part of the initiative, our services are aligned with Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resource program.

LED Light Solution Advantage

LED lights have longer lifespans compared to traditional lighting solutions. With a lifespan of more than 40 times that of an average incandescent light bulb, by choosing LED lighting you will experience lower maintenance and replacement costs. LED products also consume lower amounts of power. Depending on the existing lights and the particular LEDs installed, the savings could be more than 90%.

Warehouse LED Lighting

LED Light Fixtures

Hutch Energy, LLC offers LED lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients in Southeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Get interior LED lights to open up your workspace. Take advantage of our exterior lights to better your safety and security. We offer a wide range of fixtures to choose from:

  • High Bay Lighting
  • 4’ Tube Lighting
  • Troffer Lighting
  • Strip Lighting
  • Exterior Wall Pack
  • Pole Lights
  • Area Lights
  • LED downlights

Light Controls

We also supply light control panels that allow you to regulate your level and quality of light within a given space, depending on the situation. This not only enhances your space’s lighting experience, but also helps you to save energy by using light efficiently. We also offer active or passive motion sensors with built-in dimmers allowing you to set the desired light level manually.

Warehouse LED Project
Exterior LED Wall Packs

Eveready Electric – Our Official Electrical Contractors

Eveready Electric has been our official electrical contractor since we started. They provide excellent LED light and lighting control installations for our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients in Southeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Their experience and proven outstanding outputs have made them our reliable contractor for electrical installations. We share their commitment to excellent customer service.

LED Light Installation

Our electrical contractors from Eveready Electric perform excellent interior and exterior LED lighting installations. Whether it’s an upgrade or a new renovation in your commercial, industrial, or institutional property, they provide an efficient, quality, and safe LED lighting option.

Industrial LED Light Installation

The following services are also being contracted to Eveready Electric:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Commercial Building Solar Power
  • Home Solar Power Systems
  • New Construction / Upgrade / Repair / Remodeling / Expanding
  • Certified Electrical Inspector / Inspection
  • Buried Wire Locating Tracing
  • Premise Wire Tracing
  • Mission Critical Applications

For energy-efficient LED products, call 262-408-7586. Hutch Energy, LLC is a Focus on Energy® Trade Ally that advocates for energy cost-effective solutions that save energy and money. We serve commercial, industrial, and institutional clients in Southeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.